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"As you think, so shall you be"

- Bruce Lee
“In order to achieve peace we must be prepared for war.” The most dangerous war is within one’s own mind. Law Enforcement Coaching prepares you to overcome your internal battles so you can achieve inner peace and perform optimally in all areas of your life.

what is Law Enforcement coaching?

Law Enforcement Coaching is a confidential, personalized service that works 1-on-1 and in group settings to create customized strategy plans for individuals and departments to increase self-awareness, performance, and overall wellness.

Our trained Law Enforcement Coaches help empower our clients to achieve their goals, feel supported, and have a confidential place to speak with professionals who truly understand the inner workings of Law Enforcement, because they come from Law Enforcement.

Law Enforcement Coaching is an added layer of support, guidance, accountability, and perspective by those that have in-depth knowledge and experience in navigating the ups and downs of life in Law Enforcement.
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Law Enforcement Coaching Services

who is coaching for?

For Officers

For Officers

All of our coaches are trained to listen and hold space for our clients without bias or judgment. You can speak freely knowing that the information shared is confidential. Our coaches are located throughout the United States and sessions are done remotely through our video platform. Your coach works with you to find the best approach that suits your specific needs.

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For Departments Coaching

For Departments

Law Enforcement Coaching works closely with departments to find out what works best for the officers and community. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for individual mental and emotional wellness and there is certainly not a one-size-fits-all solution for department wellness. We work with you to create customized packages that fit your department's specific needs. 

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Coaching for civilians homepage

For Civilians

We understand that it takes a total team effort in public safety and often times civilian employee support becomes an afterthought or fails to even be addressed. We have coaches that have navigated the civilian side of Law Enforcement successfully. We offer 1-on-1 coaching sessions where you can choose a coach and work with them in a confidential setting.

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Mental And Emotional Wellness. Officer Wellness. Mental Health. Officer Performance.

These are all buzzwords and phrases that are being looked at and talked about amongst the Public Safety communities by and large. Rightfully so. These are areas that have been overlooked and under-supported for decades and we have now seen the effects that neglecting these topics can take on first responders, departments, families, and communities.

The world of public safety has changed and will continue to change and evolve.

Our entire modern world has advanced rapidly in just the span of a few short years. Technology that was cutting edge 10 years ago, is now rendered completely obsolete in most aspects. Laws and protocols have changed. People’s perspectives and priorities have changed. Our collective wellness and outlook on life has changed and are continuing to grow and evolve rapidly.
What hasn’t changed and needs to, is decades of stigma, judgment, ridicule, and professional punishment for those seeking support in their personal development and overall wellness.
suicide note
As short as just 10 years ago, it would have been completely taboo for a Law Enforcement officer to openly talk about voluntarily seeking mental or emotional health support. It was a cultural norm for an individual seeking therapy or mental/emotional wellness to be considered a ‘red flag’ for the department or agency. Oftentimes, the officer would be faced with the harsh reality that they could actually lose their position and in some cases their job entirely, if they acknowledged they were struggling in any sort of way.

The statistics for heavy topics like divorce, cancer, burn-out and suicide among our first responders is staggering and frankly, unacceptable.
What hasn’t changed and needs to, is decades of stigma, judgment, ridicule, and professional punishment for those seeking support in their personal development and overall wellness.
Though times have changed, and we have STARTED to look at mental and emotional wellness differently, there is still an unspoken culture amongst our Law Enforcement brothers and sisters that it’s not ‘safe’ to seek out additional support, and certainly not free from judgment and gossip if you openly talk about it.

It is our mission at Law Enforcement Coaching™ to help our public safety family lead successful and fulfilling careers/lives. We have combined our first-hand, boots on the ground experience and expertise to serve as a much needed catalyst of change in the culture of Public Safety and Officer Wellness. Through providing quality coaching services, expert support, additional training and beneficial resources, we work with you to overcome obstacles, increase performance and maintain a healthy work-life balance.


Coaching can help in all areas of your life. Not sure where to begin? Here are some common topics that our clients focus on.
Career Coaching

Inclusive & Effective Support

The Law Enforcement experience is not something that can be fully understood by reading books, taking some classes, watching shows or asking a few questions.

We at Law Enforcement Coaching have lived it. We have all gone through the harsher side and pitfalls of this career in some form or another. We have collectively put our experiences and lessons together to create a service that has proven to make a positive impact on those that utilize it. Our techniques are easy to implement, and applicable to real world issues.
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From a seasoned wellness coordinator:

I have been doing the wellness stuff for a very long time and have seen a lot of resources, products offered, etc. and I am super impressed with this program and the proactive approach around officer wellness versus the reactive model that is more common. 

Great "outside in" perspective to issues I have. 

I began the coaching program in early 2022, and had the opportunity to be paired up with Mike Lawson. During this time, I was going through some major mental health struggles, including depression and PTSD. Mike was amazing at being able to help me get a better balance between work and life. He also helped me with some of the trauma I've dealt with in my life. I could say more about the coaching program and what it provides to those in it. I've made a lifelong friend and someone who has a great "outside in" perspective to issues I have. 

Something much needed in law enforcement and I look forward to my next session.

Chris was great! He listened and had great feedback. I left the meeting feeling encouraged and immediately scheduled a follow-up session.

The Law Enforcement Coaching program is a game-changer for any police department

The Law Enforcement Coaching program is a game-changer for any police department looking to improve their community engagement. It helped me to realize how my behavior impacts those around me, allowing me to improve my interactions with citizens and contribute to a better atmosphere in my city.

A new outlook on my job

The Law Enforcement Coaching program provided me with a new outlook on my job. It changed my perception of what it means to be a law enforcement officer and has helped me to make significant improvements in my communication skills, leadership ability, and overall performance. It's a program that truly invests in its officers.

Community Support

Law Enforcement Coaching offers sponsorship packages which include 1-on-1 sessions for individuals seeking support. It is our goal to create a system where officers and their families have the support they need at minimal to no out of pocket cost. Through sponsorship we are able to create a pool of funds to cover individual coaching sessions for those that do not have access through their departments. If you are interested in sponsoring individual LE professionals please click the link here to learn more.

Leadership starts in the Academy

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Free Virtual Wellness for Maui

We are offering Free Virtual Wellness Sessions to anyone who is impacted by the Maui wildfires.
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