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Mica LuntMica LuntHello there, first I want to applaud you for your interest in coaching! I’m here to partner with you in identifying strengths you can bolster, ways to mitigate blind spots, and be a great empathetic ear. From an experience standpoint, I’ve served in three agencies – two larger CALEA flagship agencies up to the rank of a member of command staff – and as a Chief of Police of a smaller department with approximately 50 personnel. My coaching leverages my experience in a confidential, challenging when necessary, but always supportive way. I’ve served as an FTO, CIT member, instructor, hostage negotiator, commander of specialized traffic, community-oriented policing, homeland security, and special events units. I currently volunteer as a Reserve Deputy for my local SO while running my consulting business and coaching practice. I’ve been together with my wife for almost 20 years, and I have learned a great deal from her as I’ve developed in my career and professionally. As your coach, I am 100% committed to your success and development. If you’d like to learn more about me, please visit I look forward to working with you! EnglishCareer/Professionalism, General Coaching, Leadership, Mindset, Promotion Process, Work Stress/Burnout, Work-Life BalanceLeadershipSwornMaleRetired
Michael ReillyMichael ReillyEmbark on your journey to personal and professional growth with me. As an experienced law enforcement professional and Army veteran turned State Legislator and Leadership/Business Coach, I offer 30+ years of diverse experience to guide your transformative process.Our collaborative sessions, tailored for new or seasoned officers, law enforcement executives, and those navigating career transitions, focus on leadership strategies, effective communication, and essential skills for success.Rooted in a commitment to personal growth, my coaching integrates insights from leadership roles in public service and coaching experience. It's about discovering your authentic leadership style and applying it to achieve your aspirations.For law enforcement transitions, my services bridge your experience to new paths, providing tools and confidence for success. Join me in this empowering journey where each session unlocks your potential. Together, we'll build a roadmap for holistic growth aligned with your values and aspirations. Embark on this transformative journey towards excellence and personal fulfillment. Your transformation begins here.EnglishAttitude, Career/Professionalism, General Coaching, MindsetMaleRetired
Ken KochKen Koch As your coach, my goals are to help you define the current needs or challenges you face and to discover together, how I can best support you. I will provide unbiased feedback and realistic perspective. But most importantly, I want to guide you toward developing a plan for success, however you define that. Are you looking for a coach to usher you toward your defined purpose with insight, not judgement? That's where we'll start. I've served in the military and this profession for 35 years, with experience from Officer to Chief, to Civilian Director. I am the son of a police officer and spouse of a retired sheriff's deputy. Law Enforcement has permeated every aspect of my life, but I have learned it does not define who I am. I can bring this diverse background to the table to help you define your professional purpose or redefine your life goals and path moving forward. If you could go back to a pivotal moment in your past and provide insight and guidance to your younger self, would you take it? You could provide trusted support from the personal and professional life experiences you’ve had since that moment in time, to guide the desired outcome. I am passionate about helping others overcome adversity, to evolve their careers, to establish solid work-life balance and to shift their mindset. If my experience and resources can help you overcome adversity now, achieve a personal or professional dream to come, or simply clarify your next steps, I would love to work with you. EnglishAttitude, Career/Professionalism, General Coaching, Leadership, Mindset, Promotion Process, Retirement, Spouse Support, Work Stress/Burnout, Work-Life BalanceSwornMaleRetired
Cory SackCory SackBrothers and Sisters in Blue, My name is Cory Sack and I am a certified Law Enforcement Coach. I have found we all need a coach or mentor in different stages in life. I am recently retired from 17 years of law enforcement wherein I primarily worked patrol. During those years, I excelled in areas of DUI and Crisis Intervention. My career was filled with great life events, and then, tragically, some of the darkest days of my life. I experienced personal health struggles related to being overweight and diabetic from alcoholism, extreme depression, loss of family, and, at many times, personal and professional doubts. Thankfully, I overcame these personal obstacles and was in the best shape of my life when I was the first officer to respond to a 911 hang-up call. Within seconds, I found myself in a gunfight for my life. Numerous bullets shattered the bones in both my legs, rendering me helpless and on a path of more than 3 years of surgeries and tests of my strength and perseverance I learned how to walk again, and eventually returned to full duty 20 months later. As a Law Enforcement Coach, I endeavor to focus on mentoring and coaching individuals to identify what holds them back so they find a way to move forward. The ability to talk with a coach about what life events and goals will allow you to move forward. Realizing that you are not alone in your concerns is a powerful tool to empower you to the next level. Whether your reason for reaching out is to cope with stress, seeking new achievements, or just wanting to chat about life, I am here. We can create the best version of you. I can assist in developing a strong mindset for personal and or career goals. Sometimes slowing ourselves down will speed ourselves up. I am honored to assist you all in this process as we share personal and professional. EnglishAttitude, Career/Professionalism, Family, General Coaching, Injury Recovery, Mindset, Retirement, Work-Life BalanceSwornMaleActive
Kevin MedeKevin MedeI have been a fully commissioned Law Enforcement officer with the same agency in Washington State since 1999. Throughout my career, I have worked as a Patrol Deputy, FTO, Patrol Sergeant, Crisis Negotiator, SWAT Commander, Major Crimes Sergeant, Union President, and Patrol Lieutenant. I also currently serve as my agency’s Peer Support Coordinator. In addition, I am a certified FBI National Academy Associates trainer for Officer Wellness and Resiliency. My goal for coaching is to use my experiences to provide you with an unbiased, realistic, and confidential perspective to help you move from where you are to where you want to be. I feel that success is a moving target and is defined by the individual. I will collaborate with you to find what works for you – meeting you where you are at. After that, it’s a matter of establishing a roadmap that I’ll help you stick to. In our line of work, we are the helpers. But when it comes to our own lives; our performance, our career advancement, our happiness, and work/life balance – who helps us? I believe that’s where coaching comes in. Learn More About Kevin Here:, Family, Fitness/Nutrition, General Coaching, Injury Recovery, Leadership, Mindset, Promotion Process, Work Stress/Burnout, Work-Life BalanceSwornActive
Greg NottinghamGreg NottinghamI truly have a passion for helping those in Law Enforcement and giving back to those who give so much to their communities, by helping empower them to achieve their goals. I have over 30 years in Law Enforcement with the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office retiring in December of 2015. I’ve been married for over 30 years and have 4 kids. I worked many assignments during my career, including Patrol, Lake Patrol, Motors and in the Criminal Courts system. I was promoted to Sergeant in 2004. I received numerous commendations and awards during my career that include two Life Saving awards and I was honored by MADD in 1994, 1999 and again in 2000 as the DUI officer of the year for the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office. I was a certified Instructor in Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus/Standardized Field Sobriety Testing and Drug Recognition Expert. A large part of my career was spent educating police officers and the public around the country about impaired drivers. I was an Adjunct Instructor for The Institute Of Police Technologies and Management (IPTM) for 20 years and was invited to speak at conferences across the country on the topic of Impaired Driving including DUI prevention seminars at local community colleges. I was also invited to participate on a congressional committee in Washington D.C. on Impaired Drivers. I’m not just your coach, I’m your motivator, I’ve got your back. EnglishCareer/Professionalism, Promotion Process, Retirement, Spiritual, Work-Life BalanceSwornMaleRetired
Chris ZamoraChris ZamoraThe time is NOW! Up-Level your life. Leave behind any fear, worry or anxiety of what may or may not happen. As your Coach, my goals are to help you rediscover your sense of meaning, inspiration, purpose and renewing your inner energy. My life and career experiences have provided me with resources to bring a fresh perspective to our coaching sessions. Together we can remove any limiting beliefs by replacing them with an open mind welcoming new ideas, personal growth and embracing new opportunities. It is through this process you can create transformation into the highest version of yourself. Your readiness to embrace positive change within yourself, your home life, and your career is the key to unlocking a fulfilling journey ahead. Let's collaborate and embark on this transformative path together, fostering self-awareness, growth and success at every step. EnglishAttitude, Career/Professionalism, Divorce, Family, Fitness/Nutrition, General Coaching, Injury Recovery, Leadership, Mindset, Promotion Process, Relationships, Retirement, Spiritual, Work Stress/Burnout, Work-Life BalanceSwornMaleRetired
Craig GarciaCraig GarciaI have over twenty (20) years of experience in law enforcement and have been involved in many hi-profile investigations as a Special Operations Detective to include homicides, gang motivated shootings, armed robbery crews, narcotics and organized crime groups. I have over five (5) years as a Sergeant and spent several years supervising high risk operations as a Street Crimes Unit Sergeant. I have been a certified AZPOST General Instructor for over fourteen (14) years and have routinely instructed classes at the police academy. I have operated as an advanced training instructor with topics including Officer Involved Shootings and Mindset, Cell Phone Analyzation and Tracking, Fugitive Apprehension and Covert Surveillance. This has given me a unique perspective to provide mentorship for those looking for career advancement. My experience allows me to consult those already in specialty areas and provide peer reviews on current investigations. During my career, I have been involved in several critical incidents which have given me first-hand experience in the importance of mindset training and resiliency. I can speak on PTSD and the need to balance home life, physical fitness, mental focus and spirituality. My mission is to prepare you for a long healthy career in law enforcement by balancing personal and professional life. I hope to help you achieve career goals with the insight of learning how to prepare for advancement testing.EnglishAttitude, Career/Professionalism, Family, Fitness/Nutrition, General Coaching, Injury Recovery, Leadership, Mindset, Promotion Process, Relationships, Retirement, Work Stress/Burnout, Work-Life BalanceSwornMaleRetired
Shauna HenrieShauna HenrieWith almost 30 years in Public Safety, I’ve seen the effect that constant stress has on personal and professional lives and I am thrilled to be part of the team working to ease this and to change this profession from one of constant mental/emotional and physical illness to one of health and abundance. As your coach, I will be open minded, patient, empathetic, organized and attentive, and willing to push and hold my clients accountable to their actions and choices in a positive manner.EnglishCareer/Professionalism, Leadership, Mindset, Relationships, Spiritual, Spouse Support, Work Stress/Burnout, Work-Life BalanceDispatchCivilianFemaleActive
Mike LawsonMike LawsonI am retired after almost 24 years with the San Diego Sheriff’s Department. I have a Bachelor’s of Science in Criminal Justice Administration from San Diego State University. Most of my career I worked at the Superior Court of San Diego. I have worked in various assignments including holding tanks, high risk courtrooms, trial courtrooms, and was a training officer. I helped start a Wellness Unit at the courthouse that assisted over 100 Deputies and professional staff. I was a member of the Department’s Peer Support Team where I helped assist Deputies that were injured, participated in critical incident debriefs, and would lead line up training in regards to Wellness. I was a Peer Support Coordinator that helped with the staffing of almost 90 Peer Support members, coordinated resources for critical incidents, and led Critical Incident Stress Debriefings. I also led a 1st Responder Support group that was sponsored by First Responder Wellness. The last part of my career I was assigned to Sheriff Headquarters to start a Wellness Day for Deputies and their families, research different Wellness resources, and I authored a full time Wellness Unit proposal that was eventually adopted by the County Board of Supervisors. I have attended many wellness conferences including Wellness on the Front Line and the IACP Wellness Conference. I currently belong to the Public Safety Peer Support Association and to the San Diego County Wellness network group led by San Diego Police Department. I currently volunteer for the City of Chula Vista assisting families when there is a death or tragic accident. I lead a Men’s group at the church I attend. Now that I’m retired I spend a lot of my time walking my dogs, playing pickleball, paddleboarding, reading, and spending more time with the family. I am convinced that Law Enforcement Coaching is what is missing in most 1st Responder professions. There is now a resource for you where you can be heard, vent, and get help with life goals without the worry of your department knowing. Book a session today!EnglishFamily, Fitness/Nutrition, Injury Recovery, Mindset, Relationships, Retirement, Spiritual, Work-Life BalanceSwornRetired
Bryan ByrdBryan ByrdI view this coaching role as an incredible unique opportunity to blend my 14 years experience in Law Enforcement with my decades long passion to coach and help people become more whole. When I first heard about Law Enforcement Coaching, I was super excited to hear about the direct coaching with other officers. I thought, “Finally”, – people who get it.EnglishAttitude, Career/Professionalism, Family, Fitness/Nutrition, General Coaching, Leadership, Mindset, Promotion Process, Relationships, Spiritual, Work Stress/Burnout, Work-Life BalanceSwornMaleActive
Tami SharpTami SharpMy experience with LE is a little different than most. I grew up in a very remote part of Washington State. A little town nestled in the Cascade Mountains called Newhalem. My dad was a Whatcom County outpost deputy and was responsible for patrolling and protecting a 72 miles radius, with his only back up being one State Trooper who lived 14 miles away from us, and we considered family. If you look on a map, you will see that Bellingham Washington, which is where Whatcom County Sheriff's Office is located, as well as the courthouse, jail, hospital and everything else my dad needed in order to do his job, is just shy of a 2-hour drive from where we lived. Which meant if he arrested someone or anything happened, he typically wouldn't be back home for at least a day. My dad didn’t have shifts. He worked 24/7. We had a sheriff's sign in our driveway and people would knock on our door, alarms would sound in our home, the radio was always on, and he responded to calls at a moment's notice, at all hours of the day and night. Though you can't really get away with this anymore, I learned to run radar starting when I was 4, I learned how to shoot a gun when I was 6, I had my own radio channel, and I would ride shotgun and decide who we pulled over. It was the 80’s. Simpler times! Lol My point in sharing this with you, is so you can understand that I have been living and breathing a deep understanding of LE since I came into this world, and I am humbled and honored to use my life's experience and expertise to give back to all of you that put your lives on the line for complete strangers. It would be my honor to be a coach for you. EnglishAttitude, Career/Professionalism, Divorce, Family, Fitness/Nutrition, General Coaching, Leadership, Mindset, Relationships, Spiritual, Spouse Support, Work Stress/Burnout, Work-Life BalanceCivilian, Spouse/Significant OtherFemale
Sarah FraemohsSarah FraemohsAs your coach, I want you to know that you are not alone in your struggles and stresses, though at times it may feel otherwise. You always have someone to reach out too when the going gets tough. Life can be a lot at times just with the day to day, then you throw a Law Enforcement position in the mix and it’s a whole other ball game.EnglishCareer/Professionalism, Divorce, Family, General Coaching, Mindset, Work-Life BalanceCorrectionsFemaleActive
Stephanie AmeissStephanie AmeissI am a retired Peace Officer/Detective. I have served a multitude of assignments, including Patrol, Undercover Narcotics, Street Level Narcotics, U.S./Mexico Border Cartel Operations), multi-juridical gang task force, counter-terrorism task force, and Intel Detective. I have been an AZPOST-certified instructor, holding AZPOST certifications Law Enforcement Fitness Instructor. I also taught southwest gangs and Terrorisms classes. After a 60-foot fall, I recovered and learned to adapt to my injuries. Throughout my career, I often dealt with significant injuries and worked through the recovery process, healing from 32 surgeries. I now teach Yoga to help others recover from injuries. During my career, I was on the Critical Incident Stress Management team and was fortunate enough to be the benevolent fund president. I have mentored many young officers during my career and am still a mentor in retirement. I love to utilize the skills I learned from my training, experience, and determination to instruct, guide, and mentor active-duty Police Officers. I love all water sports, hiking with my dogs, and cooking for friends and family in my free time. I live in Arizona, and you'll find me outside most of the time. EnglishCareer/Professionalism, General Coaching, Injury Recovery, Leadership, Mindset, Retirement, Work-Life BalanceSwornFemaleRetired