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Take some time to look through our coaches. If a particular coach resonates with you, please request to work with them. If you are not sure, you can ask us to match you with the coach we think would be best suited for you based on a brief intake form.

Another option is to go to the 'Coach Search' option. Here you can find a more customized approach, as you can narrow down preferences and find the coaches that match your criteria. 

You should see 'session focus' words in blue under each coach. These are areas where our coaches have specialized, first-hand experience. You can click these titles to also see which coaches match your areas of interest. 

You are in the driver seat of your wellness. If you would like to work with a variety of our coaches...Go for it! 

There are no limitations in how many coaches you can work with, nothing is mandated, and no one will know that you’re working with a coach unless you choose to share that information. This is wellness on your terms. We are here to serve YOU!

How it works

Once you have chosen to utilize coaching click the “Learn More” button under the coach you would like to work with. to open their profile.  

Please select a date and time that is available and works for you through the coaches booking calendar. 

Follow the steps to schedule your session.  Once you submit your session request, your coach will send a confirmation email within 24 hours to confirm the session and provide you with a video call link. 

If you do not see a time that works for you with your desired coach, please feel free to send them a message to discuss alternative availablitity as we understand that you may be on a shift that needs a more customized approach. 
Our coaches have been there and are more than willing to accomodate different shift schedules.  

Once your session has been confirmed, all you need to do it show up on the call. 

It’s that simple to get started! 
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