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About Tami Sharp

Tami Sharp is the Founder and CEO of Law Enforcement Coaching LLC. Tami has been in the Law Enforcement world her entire life as her dad was an outpost Deputy Sheriff and served 23 years as an officer, after serving 20+ years in the U.S. Air Force.  She grew up witnessing first-hand the stressors, mindset and residual effects from the Law Enforcement lifestyle as well as bearing witness to the compounding effects of stress and PTS.  Tami lost her father to cancer in 2001 which ignited her passion for seeking deeper understanding into how our thoughts and feelings affect our health. 

Tami has spent over 20 years in the holistic and personal development fields. Tami holds a degree in Transformational Psychology and is certified in Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Reiki Energy Work, and Life Coaching. She is currently working towards her Doctorate in Metaphysical Science. Tami also has extensive training in Aromatherapy, Nutrition, Yoga, Meditation, and other holistic wellness modalities in which she translates into an unmatched style that works effectively for Law Enforcement. 

Tami has combined her real-life experience with her years of professional training to cultivate a program that understands the multi-faceted layers and different dynamics associated with a life in Law Enforcement.  Tami has spent years working 1-on-1 and in group settings coaching LE professionals, speaking at major LE conferences and events, working with departments, and truly taking the time to listen to sworn, civilian and family members of LE to understand on a deep level what is needed in order to navigate these challenging times.   Tami is also the significant other of a now retired officer, and is a mother, which gives her even further insight to the internal stressor's families are facing currently and how to move forward in a healthy, productive manner. 

Tami takes great pride in being her father’s daughter. She operates by a strong moral compass rooted in integrity and strong conviction. She is thick-skinned, stubborn, honest, funny and is passionate about helping others find joy in their lives.  


Tami Sharp

Tami Sharp

Founder & CEO of Law Enforcement Coaching
My experience with LE is a little different than most. I grew up in a very remote part of Washington State. A little town nestled in the Cascade Mountains called Newhalem. My dad was a Whatcom County outpost deputy and was responsible for patrolling and protecting a 72 miles radius, with his only back up being one State Trooper who lived 14 miles away from us, and we considered family. If you look on a map, you will see that Bellingham Washington, which is where Whatcom County Sheriff's Office is located, as well as the courthouse, jail, hospital and everything else my dad needed in order to do his job, is just shy of a 2-hour drive from where we lived. Which meant if he arrested someone or anything happened, he typically wouldn't be back home for at least a day. My dad didn’t have shifts. He worked 24/7. We had a sheriff's sign in our driveway and people would knock on our door, alarms would sound in our home, the radio was always on, and he responded to calls at a moment's notice, at all hours of the day and night. Though you can't really get away with this anymore, I learned to run radar starting when I was 4, I learned how to shoot a gun when I was 6, I had my own radio channel, and I would ride shotgun and decide who we pulled over. It was the 80’s. Simpler times! Lol My point in sharing this with you, is so you can understand that I have been living and breathing a deep understanding of LE since I came into this world, and I am humbled and honored to use my life's experience and expertise to give back to all of you that put your lives on the line for complete strangers. It would be my honor to be a coach for you.

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From a seasoned wellness coordinator:

I have been doing the wellness stuff for a very long time and have seen a lot of resources, products offered, etc. and I am super impressed with this program and the proactive approach around officer wellness versus the reactive model that is more common. 

Great "outside in" perspective to issues I have. 

I began the coaching program in early 2022, and had the opportunity to be paired up with Mike Lawson. During this time, I was going through some major mental health struggles, including depression and PTSD. Mike was amazing at being able to help me get a better balance between work and life. He also helped me with some of the trauma I've dealt with in my life. I could say more about the coaching program and what it provides to those in it. I've made a lifelong friend and someone who has a great "outside in" perspective to issues I have. 

Something much needed in law enforcement and I look forward to my next session.

Chris was great! He listened and had great feedback. I left the meeting feeling encouraged and immediately scheduled a follow-up session.

The Law Enforcement Coaching program is a game-changer for any police department

The Law Enforcement Coaching program is a game-changer for any police department looking to improve their community engagement. It helped me to realize how my behavior impacts those around me, allowing me to improve my interactions with citizens and contribute to a better atmosphere in my city.

A new outlook on my job

The Law Enforcement Coaching program provided me with a new outlook on my job. It changed my perception of what it means to be a law enforcement officer and has helped me to make significant improvements in my communication skills, leadership ability, and overall performance. It's a program that truly invests in its officers.