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About Mike Lawson

After 24 years, I retired! After some reflection, it has become clear to me that what helped me the most with the wins and losses throughout my career in law enforcement was surrounding myself with mentors, coaches, and a deeper dive into my spirituality. 

During my 24 years, I had four close friends and coworkers die. One died in the line of duty and the other three took their own lives.  The most helpful process after each of those losses was reaching out to my mentors/coaches and helping lead debriefs to talk to others about these incidents.  I soon realized that I was not alone and how important it is to talk to and check in with somebody you feel comfortable with. 

That is what brings me here. To provide a comfortable space with someone who knows the ins and outs of the job. While I think most police departments do have resources available to their officers, I feel they are either mostly reactive and are under utilized.  Law Enforcement Coaching is a very proactive resource that all officers should be using.  This outside resource takes the worry out of wondering if what you share will go back to your department.  

There is a verse in Proverbs 27:17 that reads “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.”   One interpretation is that no one is ever alone.  That in order to make yourself better, there is a mutual benefit making others better through mentorship, fellowship, and leading.  As law enforcement, as men/women, as people, we all can be iron sharpeners.  Iron sharpeners polish others so they have an opportunity to grow, learn, share, expand, and transform.

This verse, while biblical, is a perfect example of what coaching is and what it can do for an individual.  While I am a Coach, I too go through life’s ups and downs.  I too need somebody to check in with, who will listen to me, and help me be a better version of myself.  

Whether you are just starting in your career, have 5 years on, or counting the days down until you retire, we all can use a coach to check in with, help us with our goals, or just have somebody that will listen.  I am ready to be that coach for you.


Mike Lawson

Mike Lawson

Mike - Law Enforcement Coaching
Director of Public Relations
Active / Retired: 
I am retired after almost 24 years with the San Diego Sheriff’s Department. I have a Bachelor’s of Science in Criminal Justice Administration from San Diego State University. Most of my career I worked at the Superior Court of San Diego. I have worked in various assignments including holding tanks, high risk courtrooms, trial courtrooms, and was a training officer. I helped start a Wellness Unit at the courthouse that assisted over 100 Deputies and professional staff. I was a member of the Department’s Peer Support Team where I helped assist Deputies that were injured, participated in critical incident debriefs, and would lead line up training in regards to Wellness. I was a Peer Support Coordinator that helped with the staffing of almost 90 Peer Support members, coordinated resources for critical incidents, and led Critical Incident Stress Debriefings. I also led a 1st Responder Support group that was sponsored by First Responder Wellness. The last part of my career I was assigned to Sheriff Headquarters to start a Wellness Day for Deputies and their families, research different Wellness resources, and I authored a full time Wellness Unit proposal that was eventually adopted by the County Board of Supervisors. I have attended many wellness conferences including Wellness on the Front Line and the IACP Wellness Conference. I currently belong to the Public Safety Peer Support Association and to the San Diego County Wellness network group led by San Diego Police Department. I currently volunteer for the City of Chula Vista assisting families when there is a death or tragic accident. I lead a Men’s group at the church I attend. Now that I’m retired I spend a lot of my time walking my dogs, playing pickleball, paddleboarding, reading, and spending more time with the family. I am convinced that Law Enforcement Coaching is what is missing in most 1st Responder professions. There is now a resource for you where you can be heard, vent, and get help with life goals without the worry of your department knowing. Book a session today!

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Great "outside in" perspective to issues I have. 

I began the coaching program in early 2022, and had the opportunity to be paired up with Mike Lawson. During this time, I was going through some major mental health struggles, including depression and PTSD. Mike was amazing at being able to help me get a better balance between work and life. He also helped me with some of the trauma I've dealt with in my life. I could say more about the coaching program and what it provides to those in it. I've made a lifelong friend and someone who has a great "outside in" perspective to issues I have.