Law Enforcement Coaching has been created with the intention of bringing Mental and Emotional Wellness Support  to our Law Enforcement brothers and sisters, and their immediate families.

There are several options for individuals to have access to our coaches and resources. Individuals have the option to pay directly for our services but we are striving to achieve the goal that individuals looking to utilize coaching will not have to pay out of pocket. 

We believe Mental and Emotional Support should be covered and common practice for all members of Law Enforcement and Public Safety. 

We work closely with Departments who are interested in providing services to their employees. Unfortunately, some departments may not be in a position to implement our program at this time.  We want to ensure our services are available to all LE individuals who need them.

We will be in continued pursuit of receiving funding through various means such as grants, county funding and organizational support. 

We never want money to be the reason someone doesn’t receive the support they are needing.  This is why we have created our sponsorship opportunity.  If you are someone that wants to support law enforcement wellness, our sponsorship donation packages include sessions for individuals seeking our services.