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The world of Law Enforcement is something that not everyone fully understands.

Ken Koch

coach, team
As your coach, my goals are to help you define the current needs or challenges you face and to discover together, how I can best support you. I will provide unbiased feedback and realistic perspective. But most importantly, I want to guide you toward developing a plan for success, however you define that. Are you looking for a coach to usher you toward your defined purpose with insight, not judgement? That's where we'll start. I've served in the military and this profession for 35 years, with experience from Officer to Chief, to Civilian Director. I am the son of a police officer and spouse of a retired sheriff's deputy. Law Enforcement has permeated every aspect of my life, but I have learned it does not define who I am. I can bring this diverse background to the table to help you define your professional purpose or redefine your life goals and path moving forward. If you could go back to a pivotal moment in your past and provide insight and guidance to your younger self, would you take it? You could provide trusted support from the personal and professional life experiences you’ve had since that moment in time, to guide the desired outcome. I am passionate about helping others overcome adversity, to evolve their careers, to establish solid work-life balance and to shift their mindset. If my experience and resources can help you overcome adversity now, achieve a personal or professional dream to come, or simply clarify your next steps, I would love to work with you.
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Shauna Henrie

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With almost 30 years in Public Safety, I’ve seen the effect that constant stress has on personal and professional lives and I am thrilled to be part of the team working to ease this and to change this profession from one of constant mental/emotional and physical illness to one of health and abundance. As your coach, I will be open minded, patient, empathetic, organized and attentive, and willing to push and hold my clients accountable to their actions and choices in a positive manner.
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Tami Sharp

coach, founder
My experience with LE is a little different than most. I grew up in a very remote part of Washington State. A little town nestled in the Cascade Mountains called Newhalem. My dad was a Whatcom County outpost deputy and was responsible for patrolling and protecting a 72 miles radius, with his only back up being one State Trooper who lived 14 miles away from us, and we considered family. If you look on a map, you will see that Bellingham Washington, which is where Whatcom County Sheriff's Office is located, as well as the courthouse, jail, hospital and everything else my dad needed in order to do his job, is just shy of a 2-hour drive from where we lived. Which meant if he arrested someone or anything happened, he typically wouldn't be back home for at least a day. My dad didn’t have shifts. He worked 24/7. We had a sheriff's sign in our driveway and people would knock on our door, alarms would sound in our home, the radio was always on, and he responded to calls at a moment's notice, at all hours of the day and night. Though you can't really get away with this anymore, I learned to run radar starting when I was 4, I learned how to shoot a gun when I was 6, I had my own radio channel, and I would ride shotgun and decide who we pulled over. It was the 80’s. Simpler times! Lol My point in sharing this with you, is so you can understand that I have been living and breathing a deep understanding of LE since I came into this world, and I am humbled and honored to use my life's experience and expertise to give back to all of you that put your lives on the line for complete strangers. It would be my honor to be a coach for you.
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