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We have an ever growing variety of thoroughly vetted, well trained and respected Law Enforcement Coaches that are available for 1-on-1 sessions.  Sessions are approximately 60 minutes in duration and are done remotely via video call. These sessions are confidential and not recorded.  Individuals can work with multiple coaches and are not mandated or assigned a particular coach.  We believe that clients need to have strong rapport and the ability to build trust with a coach of their choosing.  

Law Enforcement Coaching encourages growth personally and professionally with the goal of holistically improving mental and emotional well-being. Coaching provides individuals with effective tools to increase self-awareness and self-regulation, which in turn allows the individual to strengthen their resiliency. Individuals can utilize coaching to discuss their goals, gain perspective, vent to coaches who understand the frustrations and stressors of the job, and to seek support so they can be operating optimally in all areas of their lives.

Live Group Coaching calls are conducted online and are customized to meet the specific needs of each department.  Group Coaching calls can be open round table discussion or focused on a specific topic each call. 

Group Coaching Calls are hosted by a minimum of 3 Law Enforcement Coaches, each having varying degrees of experience and expertise pertaining to the subject matter being discussed. Group Calls allow for individuals to interact, listen, and engage in conversations that will guide them to finding deeper clarity, personal insights, and wider perspective.   

We offer ongoing conversation, training and stories to share with the intention of teaching, supporting and inspiring our LE family.  

Our classes can be done virtually or in person, depending on department preference. We teach on a wide variety of topics pertaining to wellness within Law Enforcement.

We are happy to present, speak or teach at events both live or virtually.  Please contact us if you have an event you would like us to participate in, or if you are interested in having us teach a class.

We begin by having a meeting with command level decision makers within the department to discuss areas that are successful, areas that are needing some improvement, department goals, needs, obstacles etc.  These meetings can be done virtually or in person, based on the department’s preference. 

After the initial meeting, our custom survey will be sent out department wide, for all members.  We will review the results and provide your department with a report which includes our assessment of top priority areas and discuss with you our recommendations moving forward.

This training is to provide Peer Support with additional tools to utilize in house.  Law Enforcement Coaching serves as an additional resource and support to your Peer Support Team.

Many of our coaches have also been in the spouse or family role and they understand the fears, frustrations and stress that come with loving someone that chose Law Enforcement for their career. We offer Spouse/Significant other & family member coaching.

*We do not coach minors. We work with family members 18+. If you have a minor that is needing additional support, please reach out to us and we can refer you to resources that we collaborate with as an added layer of support.