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Embracing Change: How an Old Dog Learned New Tricks with Red Dot Sights

August 4, 2023CategoriesTags

If there's one lesson that life teaches us time and again, it's that change is inevitable. This truth is as relevant in our personal lives as it is in the world of firearms training. A case in point is the story of Ken Koch, a Gunsite Instructor and retired Chief of Police. His experience is a tale of how adaptation and acceptance of new technology can enhance and even revolutionize long-standing skills.

In a recent blog by Guns Magazine, Ken detailed his journey of shifting from using traditional iron sights to pistol-mounted optic or “red dot” sights on his handgun.

Why The Reluctance?

Like many seasoned shooters, Ken held onto his tried-and-true iron sights, viewing them as reliable and integral to his marksmanship. It wasn't just familiarity that kept him from trying out optics; there were practical considerations too. With a plethora of pistol-mounted optic options on the market, the task of researching and selecting a sight that met his reliability demands seemed daunting. Besides, the time it would take to adjust to a new system didn't appear to be worth the effort.

Overcoming Obstacles

The need to remain an effective instructor in the evolving world of firearms training pushed Ken to consider the change. After all, an increasing number of students were adopting red dot sights. His peers had already made the switch, and their suggestions eventually swayed him.

A red dot sight designed specifically for his firearm, with a reputation for reliability, ultimately caught his eye. No complex modifications were required, and his iron sights remained intact - an ideal scenario that tipped the scales.

A New Chapter

The transition wasn't easy, and the red dot sight was unforgiving in highlighting inconsistencies in Ken’s trigger manipulation and grip. But instead of being disheartened, he took it as an opportunity to improve his fundamentals. He committed to daily training, recognizing that precision in marksmanship fundamentals was essential for reliable “dot” acquisition and accuracy.

This resulted in a significant improvement in his performance, even with his beloved iron sights, especially at distances over 10 yards. Despite the challenges of aging, Ken found himself achieving time splits he hadn’t seen in years.

The Takeaway

Ken's journey is a testament to the fact that while change can be daunting, it often opens doors to new opportunities and improvements. While his iron sights will always hold a special place in his heart, he now embraces the red dot sight and the enhanced accuracy it provides.

It’s worth noting that merely converting to a red dot sight won't automatically make you a better marksman. But with commitment, a defined training process, and an open mind, it can lead to improved fundamentals and accuracy - regardless of the sighting system you choose to rely on.

Embrace the Change

Are you a seasoned shooter grappling with the idea of switching to a red dot sight? Perhaps Ken's journey will inspire you to take that leap. Remember, the best way to adapt to new technology is through consistent training and a willingness to learn.

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