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Tempe police recruit who survived plunge off Loop 202 in 1999 recounts ordeal
PHOENIX (KSAZ) - Nearly 20 years ago, a Valley woman fell 60 feet off the Loop 202. In August 1999, Stephanie Ameiss, a Tempe Police Department recruit at the time, stopped on the freeway to help people involved in an accident. During that process, she jumped over the highway median to get...
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PVPD Health and Wellness Training
This week, PVPD had Colton from the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) and Chris from Law Enforcement Coaching train our officers in both mental and physical fitness. This is part of a concentrated effort by PVPD to increase officer health and wellness. Colton trained in a classroom setting...
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A Leap of Faith: Stephanie Ameiss' Inspiring Journey from Near-Fatal Fall to Distinguished Law Enforcement Officer
Introduction: Stephanie Ameiss, a former police officer from Gilbert, Arizona, serves as a remarkable testament to the power of resilience, determination, and courage. Almost two decades ago, she survived a near-fatal 60-foot fall and faced an uphill battle to not only recover, but to fulfill her dr...
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Embracing Change: How an Old Dog Learned New Tricks with Red Dot Sights
If there's one lesson that life teaches us time and again, it's that change is inevitable. This truth is as relevant in our personal lives as it is in the world of firearms training. A case in point is the story of Ken Koch, a Gunsite Instructor and retired Chief of Police. His experience is [&helli...
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Rising Heroes: Empowering Law Enforcement and First Responders
In a world that often seems chaotic and uncertain, there are everyday heroes who step forward to protect and serve. Law enforcement officers and first responders are the steadfast guardians of our communities, selflessly dedicating themselves to ensuring our safety and well-being. They face countles...
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Enhancing Law Enforcement Performance : The Benefits of Law Enforcement Coaching Programs
Why Law Enforcement professionals play a crucial role in maintaining peace, safety, and order within society. Law enforcement professionals play a crucial role in maintaining peace, safety, and order within society. Their job requires them to make split-second decisions in high-stress situations, an...
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