Chris Zamora, Co-Founder

Chris Zamora is the Founder and CEO of Law Enforcement Coaching LLC.  Chris is a retired Peace Officer, serving 23 years with the Gilbert Police Department, located in Gilbert, Arizona. Chris has served a multitude of assignments to include Patrol, D.A.R.E., Undercover Narcotics (Extended Deep Cover/High School Immersion, Street Level Narcotics and U.S./Mexico Border Cartel Operations), Internal Affairs, Robbery and Homicide. Chris has also served as a Crisis and Hostage Negotiator on the S.W.A.T. Team.

Chris has been an instructor for over 20 years, holding AZPOST certifications as a Defensive Tactics and Impact Weapons Instructor, Law Enforcement Fitness Instructor and TASER Instructor. Chris has extensive experience creating and teaching courses in Small Team Tactics, CQB and Covert Operations.

Throughout his career, Chris experienced the many pitfalls of policing, including “burnout.” Chris lost four of his law enforcement friends who gave the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty. Chris experienced his share of Post Traumatic Stress and at one point he almost walked away from this career, well before reaching his 20 year retirement eligibility.

Chris did a tremendous amount of work on himself, which meant he had to put his ego in check.  Chris found Preventative Maintenance and Self -Care were fundamental in regaining and maintaining his sense of balance. Chris also learned the importance of Self-Awareness and recognizing when intrusive thoughts were entering his headspace. Chris developed coaching techniques used to neutralize these thoughts.

Chris utilizes his training and experience to instruct, guide and mentor active duty and retired Police Officers, of all levels, throughout the United States.

Chris is also a practicing Clinical Hypnotherapist, Certified Transformational Life Coach, Shamanic Reiki Practitioner and Yoga Instructor. Chris utilizes the First Responder Mindset to create self-awareness in order to promote personal and professional development for Police Officers’. Chris believes in taking a holistic approach to regaining and maintaining internal balance within one’s self.

Chris created Law Enforcement Coaching, LLC because he truly cares about the men and women who have chosen to continue the tradition of Public Safety. It is their commitment, sacrifice and integrity, which bring safety and security to our communities. Chris wishes to honor them by giving back to our law enforcement family across the nation.